When: May 30-31 and June 1, 2019
Where: Jones Community College, 900 S. Court St, Ellisville,

Event Fees:
3 Day – $210 by May 1 – after May 1 – $235
2 Day – $140 by May 1 – after May 1 – $165
1 Day – $75 by May 1 – after May 1 – $95

Registration and Payment via PayPal @
www.seibukanusa.com. Cash Only at the door for
registrations after May 24, will be plus $10.

Onsite Registration and Check-in Each Day for Training begins at 8:30am.
All Participants must check in daily at 8:30am.
Training begins at 9:00am each morning and concludes at 5:00pm each day.

Information: Dan Smith, dsmith@seibukan.us or 770-712-1434 or
John Chioco, jchioco@bayspringstel.net or 601.319.3677.

Presented by Seibukan USA and Traditional Okinawa Karate/Kobudo Organization (TOKKO)
Hosted By: Dan Smith, Kudan, Shorin Ryu Seibukan, Vice President of IOSSKA and Executive
Director and Founder of TOKKO and John Chioco, Rokudan, Shotokan, Mississippi Director of

Guest Instructor: Zenshun Shimabukuro, Kyoshi Rokudan, IOSSKA

Seibukan USA Chief Instructors: Alan Smith, Kyoshi Rokudan and President of SUSA, Chris
Schultz, Kyoshi Rokudan, Keith Parker, Kyoshi Rokudan, and Regan Salamander, Godan.

Event Subjects: Kyan Ha- Shorin Ryu Seibukan – Kihon, Ippon Kumite and Kata Review
Itosu Ha – Jion, Naifanchi, Passai Gwa

Each Session: 75 Minutes. There will be four segments per session. (36 segments)
Participants will be placed in the appropriate session based on rank and style.

Online information and application www.seibukanusa.com